Mantra Music Party - Kirtan

In the yoga tradition, sound is used as a powerful tool for inner transformation; to relieve stress, refresh the mind and connect with the heart.

At OmFest you can experience a guided, healing and uplifting sound meditation called "kirtan", integrating music with the call-and-response singing of mantras.

Kirtan takes a minute to learn, and makes you feel good just as fast. It is a form of devotional chanting and a primary practice of Bhakti Yoga with roots going back many centuries in India.

The singing is accompanied by musical instruments and rhythmic drumming and the audience is encouraged to participate by chanting, clapping and dancing. The experience is deep, authentic, and great fun!

Kirtan can be practised by anyone, an open mind and your voice are all that is required!

OmFest yoga classes at the Soul Tent will be infused with kirtan, culminating in the big Mantra Music Party with Kirtan London, a Grammy-nominee Jahnavi Harrison, Sri Prahlada, Kal Key, Ananda Monet and Radhika dasa.