Joanna Hunt

Family yoga teacher

Joanna Hunt is a Family Yoga Specialist. Her mission is to create healthier, happier, more connected families through yoga and meditation. Joanna has worked with over 1600 families in New York City, Boston, Bali, and London over the past 9-years. She has a Masters Degree in Counseling and an Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification through Yoga Alliance.

Joanna provides support through online coaching and customised family yoga retreats. She takes a holistic approach to family wellness programming in order to help families find their version of deep connection.

Joanna has created a methodology that breaks down family yoga into four main components: personal, partner, progeny, and family party. Her methodology and related practices make up the core of her upcoming book, called Whole Family Yoga. She is excited to share her programming and passion with more families globally over the coming years.

Jahnavi Harrison

Mantra Music artist

Jahnavi is a Grammy-nominated kirtan artist and a bhakti yoga practitioner.

Jahnavi has spent the last ten years presenting and teaching mantra music and meditation all over the world, at music festivals, yoga studios, schools, corporates and theatres. She is a multidisciplinary artist, trained in both Indian and Western classical dance and music, as well as writing and visual arts.

She released her debut sacred music album, ‘Like a River to the Sea’ in July 2015 and was nominated for a Grammy in 2016 for the charity album 'Bhakti Without Borders'. Jahnavi writes regularly for print and broadcast media including for BBC Radio 2's 'Pause for Thought' and 'Something Understood' on BBC Radio 4.

Charlie Kelly

Yoga teacher

Charlie teaches Jivamukti yoga. He has been practising movement, meditation and yoga for over a decade. He teaches ways to integrate a yoga practice in to your normal routine and how to better handle stressful and challenging situations.

Charlie's classes are upbeat and full of energy with a focus on enlightenment along with alignment. Music plays a key part in his life both on and off the mat, and he integrates kirtan (mantra music) as well as some of the traditional elements of yoga into his contemporary practice.

Emma Henry

Yoga teacher

Emma Henry is an advanced yoga teacher, certified in the Jivamukti method. Her continuing education is shared with all of her students through her love of yogic texts and her mesmerising chanting. All of her classes include an inspiring sound track and a lot of laughter. Her goal is to create a space for practitioners to feel inspired, safe, nurtured and uplifted.

Emma hosts yoga workshops and retreats around the world with many happy yogis returning for more year after year and she is the first UK facilitator teaching for the renowned Jivamukti Teacher Training Programs. Emma will be facilitating the Jivamukti Teacher Training June 2019 in Costa Rica.

Emma currently teaches at Triyoga.

Edward Anobah

Wisdom presenter

Edward Anobah is an experienced Bhakti Yogi and a graduate from the London School of Economics, where he studied and graduated in Philosophy and Economics. While at university, his interest in Eastern philosophy, meditation and personal development lead to successful speaking engagements at many leading universities such as Cambridge and SOAS. The demand for his insights then expanded within Europe, India, Canada and across the US.

Edwards’ presentations have a unique flavour because he is a product of many rich and diverse cultural and intellectual influences. Through various mentors, Edward gained access to rare systems of knowledge from the eastern Vedic tradition, with a special emphasis on leadership, relationships and personal development.

As a result of this unique training, Edward has developed an exceptional ability to marry insights from eastern wisdom with cutting edge modern thinking in order to assist people in achieving greater fulfilment. Edward’s trademarks include his penetrating insight, clarity of vision and lucid delivery. He shares game-changing practical tools that make a lasting difference, and is a mentor to a number of professionals, both in London and globally, many of whom, he has trained and guided for many years.

Dr Chetna Kang MB BS MRCPsych

Wisdom presenter - Mental wellbeing

Dr Kang is a Consultant Psychiatrist with clinics in Harley Street, Marylebone and North London. She qualified as a medical doctor from Imperial College Medical School and went on to specialise in psychiatry with the London Deanery. She has 20 years’ experience in diagnosing and treating mental health problems, both in the NHS and private sector.

Passionate about reducing stigma, for three years Dr Kang presented a weekly mental health radio show with the BBC called Shrink Wrapped. She also regularly features on Radio 4’s Thought for the Day and Beyond Belief.

In for two consecutive years she was runner up for the Royal College of Psychiatrists Public Educator of the year Award. She sits on the Executive Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists SiG for Spirituality in Psychiatry and the Royal College of Psychiatrists Public Engagement Editorial Board.

Committed to optimising mental wellbeing, she has authored publications in books, broadsheets, magazines and journals.

With 20 years' experience as a practitioner and teacher of Bhakti Yoga, Dr Kang also runs Health and Success Management seminars in the corporate sector which integrate Eastern and Western approaches. Previous clients include Goldman Sachs, Accenture, Ernst & Young and Barclays to name a few.

Ananda Monet

Mantra Music artist

Ananda Monet grew up in Russia in a family of musicians practising bhakti yoga and now lives and works in the UK. Her passion for sharing mantra music (kirtan) has brought Ananda to sing with people from all walks of life across London and around the world. She is a regular kirtan presenter at the Mantra Lounge events, Triyoga Shoreditch and Mind Spirit Wellbeing Festival.

For the past 6 years, Ananda has been one of the key members of Kirtan London - a not-for-profit community, dedicated to making mantra meditation and kirtan accessible to everyone. She is a mother of two and loves running fun mantra music sessions at children story classes and yoga groups.

Ananda professionally studied singing along with Russian traditional folk music, and has released two albums. Her second album, Inevitable Time, based on the great Sanskrit epic Mahabharata, has been performed live in the UK, Europe, USA and Russia in a highly acclaimed show, called ‘Atma’ by Samadhi Dance Company (The Netherlands). Ananda has also featured on the Mantra Lounge Vol 2 and Vol 3 albums.

Radhika dasa

Mantra Music artist

Rādhikā Dāsa is well known for sharing soulful mantra music, kirtan, with diverse audiences, including yoga teachers, university students, corporates and widely within the bhakti community. Travelling extensively through Europe and the USA, he loves to share the dynamic practice of chanting and meditation in an accessible, inclusive and lively way.

Radhika is one of the key members of the Kirtan London team, a project celebrating mantra and music meditation and dedicated to creating a London-wide community of kirtan lovers.

Vrinda Kishori

Kids yoga facilitator

Vrinda Kishori has been a yoga practitioner for over 25 years… but this wasn’t going to be enough. The joyful enchantment of Bhakti and overflowing exuberance of Hatha were simply too much to keep to herself.

She wanted to share it!

Her fascination had begun in childhood. The magic. The joy. The vitality. She desperately wanted other children to see this world too.

So now this is her life. As a qualified adult and children’s yoga instructor she escorts young explorers into the captivating adventures of Yoga – sacred texts in hand.

Children’s Yoga Teacher | Baby/Toddler Group Facilitator | Storywriter | Children’s Party Entertainer | Storyteller

Kal Key

Mantra Music presenter

Kal Key spent years working on the trading floor with many high-profile overseas trips and all that goes with it. Travelling on the tube to work one day he looked around and saw everyone looking exhausted, plugged into their screens desperate to find fulfilment. Realising this was a reflection of his own life, he knew happiness would ultimately come from going deeper and fulfilling his purpose to share feel-good music with meaning and purpose.

His first musical offering, ‘Lifetimes’ charted in the top 10 of iTunes UK singer/songwriter chart. He was also recently picked by the Prime Minister of India’s executive team to perform for the PM on his state visit to the U.K. at Westminster Central Hall, London. This was broadcast to over 100 million people globally.

‘Lifetimes – EP’ is available now on Spotify and Apple Music and features the songs HomeTown, Search, Stand Up, We Gave It All and LifeTimes.

Niti Sheth

Ayurveda specialist

Niti’s affinity towards all things food has always been strong. Graduating from Queensland University with a Bachelors in Nutrition, Niti went on to further study Ayurvedic Nutrition at Vaidyagrama, a traditional healing village in south India. After returning to Australia, Niti worked at Back2Health, a leading Ayurvedic clinic where she worked her way up to head Ayurvedic therapist. Niti currently runs her own clinic, specialising in Ayurvedic therapies, diet and lifestyle counselling.

Her passion lies in helping people embrace and adopt Ayurvedic practises within their lives. She is committed to spreading the benefits of Ayurveda, holding workshops around London and regularly writes blogs for her social media fans.

Sri Prahlad

Kirtan and Mantra Meditation presenter

Sri Prahlada was practically born into kirtan (mantra meditation) and has been singing and playing kirtan across the globe since childhood. He developed his initial fascination with mantra meditation in Australia and India. A natural musical talent, at age 12 he won a recording contract with record giant EMI, releasing two singles & has performed kirtan before audiences of tens of thousands. He features in Steven Rosen’s book ‘The Yoga of Kirtan’which contains in-depth interviews with 20 mantra meditation practitioners.

Chirag Ghelani

Life coach

Chirag Ghelani is the founder of The Lotus Coach. He is a qualified performance coach and has international experience of delivering workshops and keynotes across a range of corporations such as Ernst & Young, Santander, Bank of England, Avanti, BNP Paribas, London School of Economics and City University. His speciality is a transformational mindset coach with a passion for personal and professional development.

Chirag comes from a private practice legal background with 12 years’ experience at a top City law firm based in London and he also spent one year living as a monk. Chirag brings a unique mix of business acumen, tools and techniques from positive psychology and practical insights from his background as a City lawyer and a monk. Further information can be found at:

Klaus M. Nielsen

Urban monk

Klaus M. Nielsen is the world's first corporate monk. A successful tech businessman during the dot-com boom in Denmark who achieved his goals, Klaus then set out on a global adventure of self-discovery. His journey took him through America and Europe and ultimately to India where he encountered enlightened sages, and was so impressed by their ancient teachings that he spent seven years studying under them.

In an experiment to connect with new types of people he initiated the “Ask a Monk” project where he sat in public spaces with a rudimentary sign saying “Ask a Monk – Any Topic,” offering street-philosophy to anyone who would engage with him. Klaus took this concept to places like the science department at Harvard University in Boston, Times Square in New York, in front of the White House in Washington, Venice Beach in Los Angeles and Piccadilly Circus in London etc.

Today, Klaus Nielsen is a leadership speaker and global figure within the corporate sector. A fully trained monk, he uses these insights about self-control and focusing the mind to help organizations and individuals navigate complex situations, improve performance, boost profits and ultimately achieve excellence.

Sheila Chauhan

Environmental consultant

Sheila Chauhan is an Environmental Communications Manager for a front runner company in the circular economy. She creates recycling initiatives and campaigns to foster behavioural change for the aim of meeting European Directive recycling targets. She is also an internal auditor for the Environmental Management System, ISO14001.

In her spare time, Sheila volunteers as an Environmental Consultant where she writes Environmental Policies to 'green' practices. She has conceptualised and toured an exhibition called ‘Karma to Climate Change' to universities, Canary Wharf bankers, and a popular Hindu festival, which had an audience of 30,000 people. K2CC was recognised by UNESCO as a project for global best practise in the climate change community movement.

Sheila continues to progress her passion for the environment with her recently completed Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Practice.

Kripamoya Das

Wisdom presenter

Kripamoya Das thinks that Bhagavad Gita, a compendium of Eastern wisdom, is the best book he's ever read. "Every time I open it I discover something new and relevant," he says.

Kripamoya Das grew up in a seaside town in Cornwall. In 1975 he met A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami and became his student. After helping to pioneer the early Krishna movement, travelling throughout Britain, Ireland, Kenya and India, he began a network of Bhagavad-gita discussion groups.

He has visited India more than thirty times, leading large groups of spiritual travellers to sacred places and introducing them to the country’s culture. He teaches Bhagavad Gita to small gatherings, on retreats and online. He has appeared on television, radio and in print and has an avid interest in religious history and inter-religious dialogue.

Although an Englishman, Kripamoya Das is a qualified Hindu priest and conducts traditional Indian weddings and other colourful ceremonies.

Syama Kumari

Ayurveda presenter

Syama Kumari is an Ayurveda practitioner & lifestyle consultant, yoga teacher and a mother.

Born in India, Syama moved to New Jersey, USA, when she was 6 years old. She graduated from Rutgers University in NJ, with a dual bachelors degree in Public Health and Nursing with a minor in Religion and now lives in the UK with her family. Syama studied Ayurveda with Vaidya Mishra and continues to learn from Divya Alter and Dr. Marianne Tiedalbaum. She has worked as a registered nurse and an end-of-life doula at The Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, and is now teaching Ayurvedic cooking, yoga and lifestyle workshops in London.

Healthy lifestyle and cooking is her passion and she loves sharing it with others. "The principles of Ayurveda, yoga, and its lifestyle (particularly Bhakti Yoga) have changed my life and continue to help me live a more balanced, holistic and grounded life", says Syama.

Jai Nitai dasa

Wisdom presenter

Jai Nitai dasa is from a professional background of consultancy in software development/testing in the investment banking industry.

He spent 10 years as a monk studying ancient texts of India focusing on practical application in modern society.

He is now married and serves as President of ISKCON-London as well as other regional responsibilities.

He has conducted seminars and courses in top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and King’s as well as corporates such as HSBC, Barclay’s, Accenture and Clifford Chance.

Gita Parihar

Environmental lawyer

Gita Parihar is a freelance environmental lawyer with a specialism in climate change, human rights and the environment. She was Head of Legal at a major environmental NGO for a decade and is a trustee of two climate change-related charities.

Gita has a deep interest in the relationship between ecology, spirituality and activism and is currently doing postgraduate studies, co-organising conferences and writing blogs related to this topic, alongside her legal work.

Ranga Shah

Wisdom presenter

Ranga Shah is a physiotherapist, yoga and wellness coach working with chronic pain and long term health conditions within the NHS. She assists individuals to live well despite limitation and to optimise self-care in a fast-paced world.

Ranga is fascinated by the mind-body connection and how we can be empowered on our own journey of wellness and spiritual growth. In recent years her inner journey has brought her towards the fields of authenticity and self-compassion.

She has delivered classes, talks and workshops for NHS trusts, Educational trusts and Higher education institutions to improve student and staff wellbeing.

Ranga has been practising bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion) for some 20yrs ago. Guided by a desire to align her work and purpose she trained to teach yoga and has been teaching for 12 years.

In her spare time, she can be found blogging, exploring the outdoors, enjoying meaningful time with friends and family, meditating and practising yoga. She brings her curiosity, intelligence, genuine care and presence to her offerings. Her path of growth guides all she offers.

At OmFest Ranga will be presenting a workshop titled "Befriending Ourselves", talking about yoga for self-care and self-connection.



Jayadev has been a professional drummer for most of his life. He founded the 70's pop group The Rubettes which had 10 hits in the UK chart including the number one smash Sugar Baby Love.

As a session musician, he played on a number of big hits also including Kung Fu Fighting, Born with a Smile on my face, Dancing on a Saturday Night, and many more.

He left show business in the early eighties finding his calling in Herbal Medicine, Reflexology and Remedial massage but eventually made his name as a past life regression therapist.

He became a Hare Krishna practitioner in 1984 and received the name Jayadev das. But continued his musical interests whilst doing so and had hits in the New Age genre with Spirit of the Red Man, Celtic Drums and Drums of a Nation and Mantra, all 50,000+ selling recordings.

In 2010 he created the unique Mantra Choir Experience which he will demonstrate during the evening to the audience in his joyful way.

He has facilitated 170 Mantra Choir Experiences around the world including many of the major cities in Russia as well as America and Australia, and the UK and Europe.

He developed and taught in schools and to groups his Fun Drumming and Drumfulness techniques which are a very simple and accessible way to learn hand drumming coupled with a potent meditative slant.